Financial arrangements are often adjusted to fit the circumstances of the case and the client. The following are representative guidelines.

My hourly rate, except for copyright litigation, is $150 per hour.  For copyright litigation it is $200.  There may be instances in which I will agree to handle a case for a fixed fee, and I will consider contingent fee arrangements.

I do not charge for travel.  I do not charge for telephone and faxes, unless a case requires an inordinate amount of these services.  I do not charge for modest copying, and for larger amounts of copying you are charged the cost from an outside service.  If I engage the services of paralegals, or even junior attorneys, to assist on a large case, they are engaged on a contract basis and you are charged only for the amount paid to them.  They are not engaged without your prior approval.

In recognition of the low hourly rate, I require that all services be paid in advance.  This is handled with periodic estimates of the time required in the next period (usually a month or two) which must be paid before the work is done.

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